What is stinky thinking? It's a term used by Jim Walters to describe the worst examples of non-critical thinking.

Walters, who appears monthly on KROC-AM for the Power of Learning Show, provided some eye-opening examples of "stinky" thinking during his most recent radio appearance with Andy Brownell on Rochester Today Monday morning. The most startling example was the ignorance expressed during exit polling as citizens of Great Britain voted last week to disconnect from the European Union. Walters says a significant number of the voters indicated they didn't understand the question on the ballot because they did not have any knowledge about the European Union itself.

Walters says that kind of disconnect seems to be growing more commonplace and threatens our democratic republic and other democratically elected governments.

He says more must be done to promote critical thinking, which he describes as asking questions in pursuit of the truth. By failing to engage in the pursuit of the truth, we allow our leaders to wallow in their own biases and mainly surround themselves with people who share their own biases, making compromise nearly impossible.

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