The Power of Learning Show is all about critical thinking, and the latest program focused on attentiveness and improving long-term memory. 

Jim Walters joins Andy Brownell the fourth Monday of every month for The Power of Learning Show during Rochester Today from 10-11 a.m. During his most recent visit to the KROC-AM studio, Jim decried the growing popularity of "skimming."  He contends our fast-paced lifestyles have caused many of us to skim read, skim listen, and skim learn, which means we never really retain the knowledge we need to make good decisions.

Jim presented three simple methods, or "tricks," that can be used to boost attentiveness and retain information. One involves simply telling another person about what you have learned. He says act of organizing your thoughts and sharing the information will help create new connections in your brain.

Another memorization trick utilizes clapping. Walters suggests taking a person's name and as you spell it, clap your hand against your thigh for consonants and clap your hands together for vowels

The third method is known as FOND, for "Find One New Detail." Jim says studying something intensely in a search for that new detail calms the brain and makes it easier to place information into your long-term memory.