Ideological Quarrels Challenge the Obama Administration

President Obama exhibits contempt towards Republicans and Democrats who dare question his wisdom. Obama called Democratic Senator Elizabeth Warren “Elizabeth,” “ignorant,” and “hypothetical” for suggesting his secret “free trade” treaty threatens jobs and lowers wages. The National Organization of Women called his criticisms erroneous and “sexist.”

Illegal immigration also lowers wages and takes jobs from Americans. Ironically, as Democrats battle their leader, the Republican leadership supports Obama’s trade initiative to accommodate cheap labor interests.

Obama uttered a tirade against the media for questioning the results of the decades old “War on Poverty,” and the repercussions of failed federal policies in Democrat and minority run cities like Detroit and Baltimore.

Obama criticized the evil, wealthy, job creating one-percent who pay nearly half the tax revenues, whose alleged “selfishness” is illustrated by their support of private schools (like his daughters attend), private clubs (like where he golfs), and isolated neighborhoods (like his Chicago mansion). Obama wants parents to send their progeny to failed inner city public schools while thwarting minority access to “school choice.”

And there’s the shortsighted, counterproductive war on law enforcement officers whose “lives also matter;” misplaced sympathy for thugs and rioters; attacks on traditional and religious values that ameliorate social problems; and the politically correct assault on free speech and thought on college campuses and in the public arena.

The World is Upside Down.