Rochester, MN (KROC AM News) - Rochester police arrested a man following an unusual confrontation at a city park on Tuesday. 

A spokesman says a 49-year-old Rochester man told officers he had gone into Bear Creek at Slatterly Park in an effort to retrieve Frisbees that had been inadvertently thrown into the water by people playing the park’s Frisbee golf course, when a man came to the edge of the creek and began yelling and cursing at him. The victim indicated he tried to ignore the other man, but finally decided to climb out of the creek and as he approached, the man yelling at him pulled out a Taser and pointed it in his direction.

The victim then retreated back to the water, which prompted the other man to resume his screaming and cursing. A spokesman said the man retrieving the Frisbees then made another attempt to leave the water and was, again, threatened with the stun gun.

After returning to the creek, the other man continued yelling at him for a time before leaving the area. That’s when the police were called and later located and arrested 45-year-old Jason Laske on second-degree assault and other charges.

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