Rochester Mayor Ardell Brede counts the many volunteers that serve on city committees and commissions among the community's many blessings.

Mayor Brede was involved in selecting the 14 members of a new Community Advisory Committee for the Destination Medical Center initiative. He and former Minneapolis Mayor R.T. Rybak will co-chair the group, which will assist in choosing designs for enhancing the public areas of the Heart of the City sub-district of the DMC plan that will be centered at the Peace Plaza.

Brede noted that 95 people applied to serve on the committee, and while that is an exceptionally large pool of applicants, it's not unusual for the number of people volunteering to serve on the city's many committees and commissions to far exceed the number of positions available.

In the YouTube video at the top of this post, Mayor Brede comments on both the quantity and quality of the people willing to step forward and commit their time and efforts to making Rochester a great place to live.

Mayor Brede is a regular guest on the Rochester Today Show with Tracy McCray and Andy Brownell on KROC-AM. He usually makes his monthly appearance on the first Wednesday or Thursday of the month from 10 to 11 AM.