St. Paul's police chief says he has disciplined two officers for a June incident in which a black man was kicked by an officer and bitten by a police dog.

Chief Todd Axtell says the arrest shown in the June video "simply isn't the St. Paul way."

The video released Friday shows several officers around the man after he was taken down by a police dog. One officer appears to kick the man three times. Axtell says that officer is on unpaid leave and faces a complaint and investigation. The dog's handling officer was given a 30-day suspension.

Axtell says he was disappointed by what the video shows and has already apologized to the man. He also stressed the department carried out a careful investigation after the incident and was releasing the video to be transparent.

The man's attorney, Robert Bennett, says the incident happened on June 24. He says his client's injuries required hospitalization for a couple weeks. Bennett says the man had serious bites to his leg, multiple broken ribs and collapsed lungs.

(Please note the video at the top of this post includes very rough language)