We like to think of ourselves as compassionate and caring towards others.  Well maybe you and I do, but as a country?  Not so much.

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A new study out of the Michigan State University found that the United States is not even in the top 5. We rank seventh according to this study.

Researchers came up with the rankings by studying personality tests, then examining how much people in different countries were compassionate towards others, and able to see other points of view.

And the 10 most empathetic countries are:  Ecuador . . . Saudi Arabia . . . Peru . . . Denmark . . . United Arab Emirates . . . South Korea . . . the United States . . . Taiwan . . Costa Rica . . . and Kuwait.

Suprisingly good showing out of middle east.

Lithuania was the least empathetic country, although the study didn't include places like Iran and North Korea because of a lack of data.

Read about it in more detail here.  In the meantime, don't bother me!