Are today's men as "manly" as our fathers and grandfathers?  Apparently not according to a recent study conducted by the Wahl grooming folks.

That's the electric hair trimmer people.

The results of the survey are listed on the website PRNewswire.  It asked guys in their 20s and 60s about different "manly" skills.  And here are the ones that are going extinct . . .

1.  Shining your shoes.  Older men are 38% more likely to know how to do that.

(I think the scuffed look is in)

2.  Fixing a leaky faucet, 35%

Getty Images

(what's a washer?).

3.  Changing the oil in your car, 19%.

(Hey I get in trouble when I pour the old oil in the sewer)

4.  Changing a diaper, 18%.


5.  Filleting a fish, 15%.

(They already are fileted at Hy Vee!)

6.  Growing and maintaining a nice beard, 12%.

(Of course, it's a WAHL survey)

7.  Throwing or hitting a curveball, 6%.

(Never could hit one)

Can you think of any others?