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Rochester Holding Off on Cutting Ash Trees for Now
Rochester City Forester Jeff Haberman was on Rochester's Good Morning with Rich Peterson and Kim David Thursday.
Jeff said his department is going to hold off cutting down any ash trees now til the end of summer or early fall.  The emerald ash borers are starting to emerge now and transport…
If Untreated, Your Ash Tree Will Soon Be Gone
Hang on to your ash.  The emerald ash borer has become prolific in this area. Expanding exponentially within the Rochester city limits.
Last year, according to Rochester City Forester Jeff Haberman, there may have been 12 to 15 known to be infected...
Plant Your Tree Properly or You’ll Regret It Later
Many trees are suffering these days.  Could be Japanese beetles, which is not good, it could be the dreaded Emerald Ash Borer which is worse.
Rochester City Forester Jeff Haberman spent some time this morning with Rich Peterson and Kim David about another epidemic of sorts...