City Council

A Downtown Armory Decision Should Be Coming Soon
There were five different proposals presented to the Rochester City Council Monday describing and showing five different possibilities for use of the downtown Rochester Armory.
City Council President Randy Staver on Tuesday told KROC AM listeners all presentations were well done and interesting, but …
Should Rochester Be in the Broadband Business?
For the last two years or so there's been a push by some for the city to offer municipal broadband to all residents, or at least provide the infrastructure.
Rochester City Council President Randy Staver talked about the issue on his visit with Rich Peterson and Kim David on Rochester's…
Rochester Council President Regrets His Vote on 18th Avenue
Rochester City Council President Randy Staver came clean with an admission during his appearance on Rochester's Good Morning Tuesday.
He said it's rare when you go home from a meeting questioning your vote over an issue, but it happened after Monday night's meeting when contemplat…
Rochester Council Likes the New Transit Plan
The Rochester City Council appears to be ready to go ahead with the Transit report presented to them at the Committee of the Whole meeting Monday afternoon.
Based on that, plus feedback they've been hearing from the community, a plan would be put in place that will expand routes on Saturday and provi…

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