Rochester city council president Randy Staver visited with Rich Peterson and Kim David Tuesday morning on KROC AM. There were a couple of building projects, one by Joe Weis on north Broadway that got the go-ahead from the council and the 501 project that was one more step closer to approval.

The other big issue at Monday's meeting was the Senior Center/Rec Center project that Randy talked about on Rochester's Good Morning...

During the program one caller was also concerned about the changes in satellite parking for Mayo employees. The Walmart North and South lots will soon be unavailable.  Randy said they are looking into it but at this point, the city has no specific plan and is not sure what Mayo's thoughts were at this time.

Randy comes in every first and third Tuesday of every month and a bonus fifth when necessary.  He next appears on Rochester's Good Morning Tuesday, May 5th from 8:15 to 9:00 a.m.