Tom Ostrom often revels in bringing up absurd examples of political correctness during his regular appearances (every Tuesday and Friday) on Rochester Today with Andy Brownell on KROC-AM. 

On Tuesday's show, Tom brought along an article from the Los Angeles Times that details the obstacles facing Asian students seeking admittance to prestigious colleges because they work TOO HARD and their grades are TOO GOOD. The story includes a description of a chart concerning a Princeton University study about the impact of race and ethnicity on college admissions. It showed that African American students receive an additional 230 points on their SAT scores, while Hispanic college applicants have their scores boosted by 185 points. Asian students experienced a 50 point reduction in their scores. The gist of the story is that Asian students need to work even harder and find creative ways to make their applications stand out.

It's not surprising, and many people would find it understandable, that colleges would find ways to boost the chances of a student from a disadvantaged background being admitted to a top-notch higher-ed institution by enhancing their achievements, but it seems beyond absurd that schools would enact policies that directly penalize hard working and high performing students because they have been TOO SUCCESSFUL in their pursuit of the American Dream.

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