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Minneapolis (KROC AM News) -  The University of Minnesota has announced a name change involving one of its sports buildings.

From now on, the men’s hockey building will  be known as 3M Arena at Mariucci. It had been Mariucci Arena in honor of John Mariucci, a former Gopher hockey player and coach.

The University says the change is the result of a new 14 year, $11.2 million sports sponsorship agreement with 3M. Athletics Director Mark Coyle says the sponsorship will help pay construction costs of the school’s new Athletes Village.

“3M and the University are long-time collaborators, and alumni contribute greatly to our success, innovation and growth,” said Paul Acito, vice president and chief marketing officer at 3M. “Our sponsorship of Mariucci Arena and Golden Gopher Hockey is a tribute to our Minnesota roots, and an opportunity to support a great Minnesota tradition alongside a new generation of fans. Keeping the Mariucci name on the building is an important element of this agreement.”

The Mariucci family supports the deal.

"Our father and grandfather was a life-long Minnesotan, and would have been thrilled to see 3M showing so much support for the University and for men's hockey,” said John Mariucci Jr., speaking on behalf of the Mariucci family. “To have 3M, one of Minnesota's most respected and well-known brands, be a part of the rich history of Gopher hockey and the Mariucci legacy is exciting. We are happy that 3M and the U felt it was important to continue honoring our father and grandfather's legacy and kept the Mariucci name tied to the arena. It's a privilege for our family to be so closely associated with two of Minnesota's most recognizable and important institutions."

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