MINNEAPOLIS (AP) — The Minneapolis police chief says the fatal shooting of an Australian woman by an officer responding to her 911 call "should not have happened."

Chief Janee Harteau says the actions of the officer who shot Justine Damond on Saturday night "go against who we are in the department" and against how officers are trained.

Harteau also says that Officer Mohamed Noor and his partner should have activated their body cameras before they encountered Damond. She says the department is examining its policy on cameras, including technological advances that turn them on automatically.

Harteau's remarks Thursday on Damond's death were her first. The chief had been out of town on a personal trip and faced questions about her absence since the shooting. She said she had been in close contact with her command staff.

The Minneapolis police chief says an officer who shot and killed an Australian woman who had called 911 wasn't found to have any issues with his training.

Chief Harteau says a review of Officer Mohamed Noor's training in the wake of Saturday's fatal shooting revealed no problems. She says training officers told her that Noor did well.