Mayor Ardell Brede's recently delivered his 2016 State of the City Address and specifically mentioned an historic broadcast on KROC-AM during his speech. 

The mayor spoke of the need for compassion and referred to a speech given by President Franklin Delano Roosevelt from the back of a train car just before he left

photo courtesy Minnesota Historical Soecity

Rochester on September 14th, 1938. While the speech is most often quoted in historical articles because of the President's comments about the growing NAZI menace in Europe, Mayor Brede focused FDR's statements about the hospitality and compassion he received during his stay in Rochester. You can hear the KROC-AM Broadcast of the address in the YouTube video at the top of this post.

According to Mayo Clinic historian Matt Dacy, FDR had been in Rochester for most of a week while his son James was undergoing and recovering from surgery to correct an ulcer. Dacy indicated Roosevelt spent his time in Rochester living in a specially equipped rail car that was parked in an area across the river from the current government center site and carried out his responsibilities as president from an office inside the 1930’s equivalent of Air Force One.