OLUMBIA, S.C. (AP) — Hillary Clinton is a big winner in South Carolina.

Her primary win on Saturday has given her a solid lead in The Associated Press delegate count.

With 53 delegates at stake, Clinton gained 39 delegates. Bernie Sanders picked up just 14.

Meanwhile, Bernie Sanders is avoiding talking about the results of the South Carolina primary, telling supporters in Minnesota that every person is "extremely powerful if you choose to use that power."

Sanders is urging his supporters to join in a "political revolution" and pointing out his differences with Hillary Clinton. He notes that Clinton has a super PAC that is raising millions of dollars to support her while he has chosen not to have one.

He says he voted against the Iraq war while Clinton supported it at the time. And he notes that Clinton received more than $200,000 for speeches to investment bank Goldman Sachs. He says anyone who received that kind of money should be "very proud" to release the transcripts of Wall Street speeches.