MINNEAPOLIS (AP) — A Minnesota man says his family has been given little information on how his two sisters died while vacationing on a tropical African island.

The bodies of 37-year-old Annie Korkki and 42-year-old Robin Korkki were found in their resort villa last week on the island of Seychelles off Africa's east coast in the Indian Ocean.  The two graduated from Eden Prairie High School.

Their brother, Chris Korkki, of Lakeville, says the family has learned nothing through official channels about his sisters' deaths.

Their bodies were found Sept. 22 at the Maia Luxury Resort. Police have said their preliminary investigation showed there was “no sign of violence” on the bodies. Police say the two had been drinking alcohol throughout the day on Wednesday and were helped to their room by resort staff around 8 p.m.

Korkki tells the Star Tribune that his mother and brother have traveled to Seychelles to press officials for answers. He says his mother has also been talking with the U.S. Embassy. Robin Korkki lived in Chicago. Annie Korkki lived in Denver.