MINNEAPOLIS (AP) — Police have identified the suspect who was arrested unharmed after a 38-hour standoff in a hotel room at the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis.

A police spokesman names him as 38-year-old Rashad Bowman, of the St. Paul suburb of Woodbury.

The standoff began early Monday. Police say officers went to the Graduate Hotel to do a welfare check at the request of Bowman's relatives and to try to arrest him on a felony warrant for a non-violent, "white-collar crime" out of Maricopa County, Arizona.

University Police Chief Matt Clark says a SWAT team used a battering ram to enter the man's room Tuesday afternoon after chemical irritants and flash grenades failed to flush him out.

He says officers moved in after Bowman, who claimed to be armed, started setting small fires.



Police say they moved to end a standoff with a man holed up in a hotel room on the University of Minnesota campus after the man began lighting small fires and threatened to burn the building down.

University police Chief Matt Clark says officers used a battering ram to enter the man's sixth-floor room at the Graduate Hotel Tuesday afternoon. That came after chemical irritants earlier Tuesday failed to flush out the man, and some 38 hours after the standoff started.

The standoff started around midnight Monday after police went to do a welfare check on the man at his family's request, and also to arrest him on a warrant for a non-violent criminal charge from the Phoenix, Arizona, area. A woman who was with the man was released late Monday.

Police say the man claimed to have a gun but they did not immediately find one. The man didn't appear hurt in the arrest but he was taken to a hospital to be checked.