I’m not sure when the memorials first began showing up, maybe 20 years ago? I’m talking about roadside memorials put up at the scene of deadly accidents, usually by members of the victims’ family or friends. I have seen them in every state I have traveled to and some are large while most consist of flowers, crosses, etc. Many of these also serve another purpose - drive carefully.

memorial for Rochester bicyclist- Kim David, Townsquare Media

A memorial was set up 2 years ago in honor of a Rochester bicyclist who was fatally injured after being hit by a car. The bike is

memorial for Rochester turkey- Kim David, Townsquare Media

gone but flowers are still put there.



Sunday, I came across another memorial - the first of its kind I have ever seen.



It’s at the intersection of 16th St and Mayowood Rd SW - where “Jake” the turkey had been harassing humans and vehicles until he was recently put down by police. It must have been there awhile as the helium balloon with his name on it has gone limp.

It got me to wonder - are there memorials for pets who get hit by a car? I’m guessing there are, although I have not seen any yet.