Sports fans all over are talking about the Major League baseball World Series this year. For once, it's not the usual cast of characters!  The Chicago Cubs  will be taking on the Cleveland Indians beginning Tuesday night in Cleveland.

It's the first time the Cubs have even been in the big event since 1945 and they're facing an Indians club that hasn't won a title since 1948!

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If the Cubs win, it'll be their first championship in over a CENTURY.  They last won in 1908.  A lot has happened since then..

First of all, we've added four more states.  Arizona and New Mexico joined in 1912, Alaska and Hawaii were added in 1959.

Since the last Cubs won, 18 different presidents have been elected, and 11 amendments have been added to the Constitution.


When the north siders last won, radio as you and I know it hadn't been invented.  There were no coffee filters, paper cups, crossword puzzles, bras, hairdryers, hearing aids, penicillin, sun tan lotion, and ballpoint pens.

They didn't wear helmets back then because plastic was still being invented.

Do you realize when Dexter Fowler leads off for the cubs, he'll be the first African-American to ever play for the Cubs in a World Series.  Jackie Robinson arrival with the Dodgers was four DECADES away!


The New York Yankees have won the World Series 27 TIMES and the NFL, NBA or NHL didn't even exist.


The Cubs have had 52 managers and the league has added 14 new baseball teams since 1908

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So cheer for your Cubbies OR Indians.  Either way history will be made and fans can finally say, a World Series win will easily be the best thing since sliced bread, especially for Cubs fans, because the last time the Cubs won, sliced bread didn't EXIST.  It was still 20 years out the last time the Cubs were champs.