Rochester, MN (KROC-AM News) - The drawn out process of putting together a historic preservation ordinance for the City of Rochester was on the agenda for Monday’s meeting of the Rochester City Council as a Committee of the Whole.

The Council members went through and made edits to the draft ordinance, which was originally presented to the elected officials by the Rochester Historic Preservation Committee last fall. Since then, City Attorney Terry Adkins has been asked to make revisions and the City Council on Monday made some further changes, which would all be considered by the Historic Preservation Committee.

During an appearance on Rochester’s Good Morning on KROC-AM, 5th Ward City Councilmember Mark Hickey explained the committee has the option of requesting additional revisions, which would prompt another set of reviews by the City Council and the committee before the issue could be scheduled for a public hearing.

Hickey says one of the more difficult issues is deciding how to deal with the current owners of properties that end up being classified as historic under the ordinance and developing a fair process to address their concerns. He says the is the council is also looking into ways to provide financial or other incentives to encourage the preservation of the community’s historic buildings.