MINNEAPOLIS (AP) — An attorney for former Minnesota athletics director Norwood Teague says the release of an investigative report marks the end of "an extended feeding frenzy" involving Teague.

But attorney Bill O'Brien says he and Teague need time to review the more than 700 pages in the report before commenting. The university released the outside review on Tuesday.

The school has come under criticism since Teague resigned abruptly in August after being accused of sexual harassment, in part for failing to find a gender discrimination complaint in his past.

The review found no fault with the school in its screening of Teague, and also said school officials knew nothing about inappropriate behavior before two administrators accused him of harassment.

Teague resigned after two high-ranking university administrators reported he sexually harassed them at a senior leadership retreat weeks earlier. His deputy, Mike Ellis, stepped down in November after being placed on leave in September when complaints against him surfaced.

The review does find that some Minnesota athletes lied to investigators trying to follow up on a sexual harassment complaint. But the review found the general climate in the athletics department "does not condone or tolerate sexual harassment."