MINNEAPOLIS (AP) — Two long-time White Castle employees from Minnesota are suing the fast food chain claiming they were forced from management positions because they're too old.

Fifty-eight-year-old Terry Fransen, of St. Paul, says he was a White Castle general manager for three decades before he was demoted last year. He retired after his salary was cut by 35 percent.

Fifty-one-year-old Allen Spreeman, of Montrose, was a manager for 30 years until his reclassification and demotion this year. Instead of $27 an hour, he now works at a White Castle in St. Cloud for $10 an hour. The St. Paul Pioneer Press says the two men are suing the company based in Columbus, Ohio, claiming they are victims of age discrimination.

The company says when restructuring moves began several years ago, managers were told they could retire or compete for remaining positions.