We'll open it up at 5:30 Tuesday with Kim David's observations of the news and a preview of the day..Super Tuesday.

Randy Staver

The Sports Expert checks in at 6:45 with a thought or two on the Timberwolves, Wild and Twins.  The United Way of Olmsted County at 7:45 and City Council President Randy Staver joins us during the 8 o'clock hour.  If you have a question, call (507) 282-1234 or send in an email to rgm@kroc.com.

A look ahead.

Dr. Neal Kassel will be my guest on Wednesday's program.  He is neurosurgeon by trade and started the Focused Ultra sound Foundation (FUSF) to raise awareness of this non-invasive technology.  It's showing some remarkable results and he'll explain what it's all about on Wednesday.

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