Coming up on Rochester's Good Morning Thursday, Kim David takes a day off!! Actually two days, so Brent Ackerman will join Rich Peterson from the newsroom.

Tom Ryan

The Sports Expert will check in with Rich at 6:45 with thoughts on a Twins win (?) over Kansas City.

More Twins talk with Cory Provus at 8:15 as the club gets ready to head to Texas for a weekend series with the Rangers.

Then Rich and Brent will talk with Tom Ryan at 8:40.  The Olmsted County Parks Director wants to apply for regional park status for Oxbow Park/Zollman Zoo.

We'll find out what that would mean and of course the usual conversation and phone calls regarding things wild outdoors.  If you have something for Tom, call us at 507-282-1234.

Of course we'll have the latest news, weather, sports and who knows?

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