It's time for another edition of 'The Week's Big Stories on KROC-AM' for your enjoyment.

This week, Andy Brownell talks about the City Council's approval of the DMC plan and the sales tax increase that will accompany the plan. Sales taxes will be raised a quarter of a percent as the city seeks to find a way to fund its portion of the project. Surprisingly, there was little opposition the the increase.

Kim David shares the little-known story about a famous painting of George Washington crossing the Delaware that has been purchased by the Minnesota Marine Art Museum over in Winona. The original was destroyed during World War 2, but the artist painted two more. One is currently housed in the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City and now the other is right here in Southeastern Minnesota! The painting had hung at the White House for more than 30 years.

Rich Peterson discusses the latest census numbers and how the Rochester "metro" area has grown, which has created a rise in our population numbers to 150,000+. Andy Brownell muses that the interesting part is that the city's actual growth rate has slowed and wonders if the dearth of job openings at Mayo Clinic and continued job cuts at IBM are the culprits.