Andy Brownell, Kim David and Rich Peterson are back again to share their thoughts on the biggest stories of the week on KROC-AM.

This week, Andy Brownell talks about the city's purchase of the old Chateau Theater building downtown, sharing his thoughts on why the purchase is a good idea for the city and will come as a welcome relief to many longtime Rochester residents who have seen other area landmarks disappear recently.

Kim David recounts how advances in DNA technology helped finally solve a 35-year-old Jane Doe murder case involving a teenage hitchhiker picked up by an on-duty law enforcement officer who tortured, raped and killed her. The family finally has closure after her body was exhumed last summer and tested against DNA samples from two people who turned out to be her relatives.

Andy Brownell has an interesting take on how the media reacted to the murder back then, as opposed to what the reaction would have been had it all taken place in this day and age.

Meanwhile, Rich Peterson laments his NCAA basketball bracket already being busted. Losses by Iowa State (who he had reaching the title game) and Baylor mean he'll have to wait another year to win the $1 million from Townsquare Media, the $1 million from ESPN and the $1 billion from Warren Buffett.