It's time, once again, for our quick video review of some of the Rochester area's hottest topics of the week.

This week, Andy Brownell weighs in on the governor’s bonding bill in a non-bonding bill year, opining as to whether he thinks it will go anywhere. The deadlock that our national legislature has endured for the past few years has also hit our state legislature and the divide between the Republicans and Democrats will not be eased as they battle over this legislation. Will anything get passed in regard to the bonding issue?

Kim David discusses how ironic it is that the Rochester Police Department just recently reported that violent crime figures are at their lowest in 40 years and yet several high-profile violent crimes have taken place in the last week and a half. The recent crimes have included several drive-by shootings, murders, stabbings and a violent assault case. Does it show a growing trend? Or was it just a tough start to the month in the Med City?

Rich Peterson dissects the early-season offensive struggles for the Minnesota Twins. After losing their star pitcher for half the season for testing positive for performance-enhancing drugs, it was the team's offense that failed to deliver in the opening series of the season, with only an unearned run, total, through the first three games. It's early yet, but starting the season in an 0-3 hole can't be a good thing, right?