Tom Ostrom

Can Political Differences Be Civil?
Witness the evolution of our historically congenial and conscientious DFL governor. Mr. Dayton has called political and policy opponents “racist,” and invited dissenters to leave the state.
Why Liberal Elites Don’t Understand Trump Victory
Part 4: Liberal Elite Intolerance vs. the American Electorate 
The contempt that so called apostles of “tolerance” and “diversity” Progressives have displayed against Trump voters, and exhibited by Democrat presidential candidate Hillary Cl…
Censorship by the Left (Part 3)
Part 3: Liberal Censorship is Criticized Left and Right 
CNN’s Jake Tapper criticized President Obama’s Justice Department for labeling Fox News reporter James Rosen “a co-conspirator” for writing critical stories. Tapper criticized the…
The Left’s Push to Silence Opposing Views (Part 2)
Part II: How Left Wing Progressives Try to Shut Down Opposition Views
Mary Katharine Ham and Guy Benson describe how the Left “exploits fake outrage to silence opponents on social media, at work and at their own homes. They chronicle numerous examples of the Left’s delegitimizin…

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