A Gopher Football Blast From the Past
Longtime KROC-AM Broadcaster Bernie Lusk, known as "the Voice of Rochester" for many decades, provided Rochester football fans with play by play coverage of Gopher football games through the 1960's and 1970's.
Timely Tomato Growing Tips From the Garden Man
Another informative hour on the Garden Show with Scott Moon Saturday on Newstalk 1340 KROC AM.
One topic Scott brought up was the difference between "determinate" and "indeterminate" tomato plants.  I was not aware of the term and according to Scott, it has be…
Discrepancies in Media Coverage at Home and Abroad
Similar Political Issues Covered and Not Covered by the Media at Home and Abroad
France mirrored U.S. politics: Marine Le Pen, nationalist and border security candidate, vs. globalist Emmanuel Macron. Le Pen ballots were tampered with, journalists hate her, Macron’s emails were hacke…
This Week’s Tips from the Garden Show
It looks like another soggy week for the most part. Is it worth it to put down the crabgrass preventer? How about trimming perennials? Is it too early to plant my veggies?
Scott Moon from Sargent's on 2nd in Rochester offers some tips on what to do for your lawn and garden this week...
This Week’s Advice From The Garden Man
Episode two of the Garden Show on KROC AM and plenty of questions and some suggestions from listeners to the program.
I especially liked the idea from one caller of spreading petroleum jelly on your bird feeder pole.  It's great fun watching squirrels climb up and slowly slide down...
Your Saturday Morning Moon on KROC AM
A beautiful Saturday across southeastern Minnesota expected and I KNOW a lot of you are getting your rakes and tools together to be out in the yard.
What should you be doing?  What should you NOT be doing?
Shaking Hands With Hope
Interesting call from a listener this morning while chatting with the Sports Expert, George Rownd at 6:45. We always give listeners a chance to stump the sports expert and if they do, they win a Subway sandwich certificate.
Another Challenge for Rochester Law Enforcement
Law enforcement has many challenges. Most are obvious, but some are not. One of the difficulties they face is dealing with those who are mentally ill. Officers are getting, or at least will be getting, additional training in that area.
Another issue is language barriers...
Free Tax Help is Out There in Olmsted County
Once again the United Way of Olmsted County and AARP have joined forces to offer free tax help for area residents who need help.
There are four locations including 125 Live, Hawthorne Education Center, Salvation Army and the Stewartville Civic Center...

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