income taxes

Ready, Set, Start Filing!
A reminder for early filers of income taxes - the IRS and the Minnesota Department of Revenue will begin accepting returns Monday, Jan. 29th.
Will Tax Reform Bill Lead to Higher Taxes?
Homeowners in high-tax states like New Jersey, where a modest house within commuting distance of New York City can easily carry property taxes of over $15,000 a year, are wondering whether the Republican bill being sold as a tax cut would actually result in higher bills for them.
Big Tax Reform Plans in The Works
WASHINGTON (AP) -- Congressional Republicans are planning a massive overhaul of the nation's tax system next year, a heavy political lift that could ultimately affect families at every income level and businesses of every size.
IRS Offers Tips on Filing Returns
WASHINGTON — With less than a month left before the tax deadline, the Internal Revenue Service is encouraging taxpayers working on their 2015 tax returns to take advantage of the numerous online tools and resources available on

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