St. Paul, MN (Learfield Wire Services) -- A St. Paul woman has been charged with murder after police say her one-month old baby was found dead in his car seat.

Shwe Htoo crashed her car into a utility pole Wednesday morning, but the medical examiner says the newborn baby had died long before the crash. A witness who came upon the crash scene told investigators that Michael Htoo was bluish and not moving. Medics who responded say the baby was cold to the touch and showed signs of rigor mortis.

The complaint indiciates Shwe Htoo was not able to communicate well in English and later told an interpreter “This morning – I killed my own child.” Police say she admitted to putting sleeping pills and bed bug killer in the baby's formula Tuesday night and drinking the same mixture herself.

The following morning, after neither of them died from the attempted poisoning, Htoo says she covered the baby's mouth with both hands and suffocated him. The Ramsey County Medical Examiner ruled that Michael Htoo was asphyxiated.

Police say the crash was intentional and Htoo was suicidal.

(Learfield Wire Services)