Some Democrats Agree with Netanyahu and the 47 Republican Letter Writers

The letter of 47 Republican senators to Iran was called obstructionist. But Democrat solons negotiated with U.S. adversaries in the Reagan-Bush years. The liberal New York Times and Washington Post (April 4-5, 2007) cited administration objections to Speaker Pelosi’s “counterproductive” visit with Syrian dictator Assad that sent “mixed messages,” and embarrassed President Bush. Israeli Prime Minister Olmert criticized Pelosi’s inaccurate descriptions of Israeli-Syrian policies and objectives.

But most egregious, was Senator Ted Kennedy’s 1983 letter to Soviet leader Andropov and KGB (secret police) officials about how to obstruct Reagan’s missile treaty objectives.
President Obama reaches out to Iran’s terrorist, expansionist regime, while directing petulance and punishment toward Egyptian leader al-Sisi for overthrowing the brutal Muslim Brotherhood. And sent Democrat minions in a failed attempt to prevent Israel’s Prime Minister Netanyahu’s reelection. MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell asked Netanyahu if Obama could trust him. The question should be reversed.

The White House team needs the advice and knowledge of Congress and Middle East leaders, given Obama’s failed foreign policies; animosity toward dissenting, U.S. allies; the problematic “agreement” with “Death to America and Israel” Iran, while calling Senator McCain “naïve and reckless” for quoting Iranian statements.

A March bipartisan letter from 367 Congressmen, led by Democrat Rep. Eliot Engel (NY) of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, advised Obama to involve Congress in Iranian negotiations. Senator Schumer (D-NY) recently agreed.

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