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Mayo Researchers and Patient Take Amazing Step
Through my work on Mayo Clinic Radio, I heard the story of Jered Chinnock. He was paralyzed as the result of a snowmobile accident in 2013. Now, Jered is helping researchers who hope to help him, and others like him, walk again.
The potential impact for paralyzed patients is staggering...
An Amazing 56-Hour Transplant
In another part of my professional life I am a co-host for Mayo Clinic Radio. It's a weekly program that takes my interest in the world of medicine (thanks for saving my life chemo and radiation!) and combines it with my gift of gab.
Recently, I was part of a radio interview about a topic that n…
Can A Divided America Heal?
(As discussed on Thursday's Rochester Today with Andy and Tracy)
There are a few things to know about me:  I like baking pies, all things Tom Hanks, and a good Ted Talks video.
The interesting thing about this video happened last night when I watched it with a group...
Give Your Flu Shot a Boost
My plan to get my flu shot in October didn’t pan out.  Again.
Today I found out the October vs. November issue doesn’t matter as much as the time of day you get your immunization.
Who knew?!  Well, researchers I guess, but hang with me...
Broad Talk!
Thursday was another Broad Talk day on Rochester Today. Tracy McCray and all of the Broad Talk gals crowded into the KROC-AM studio for another unpredictable hour on the radio.
Click on the play button below to listen to the show.
Broad Talk Thursday!
The Broad Talk gals crowded into the KROC-AM studio Thursday this morning with Tracy McCray.
Broad Talk With Tracy McCray
Tracy McCray and the gals got together again Thursday morning for another Broad Talk show on KROC-AM.