Washington D.C. (KROC-AM News) - The National Transportation Safety Board has completed its investigation into the April 2013 crash of a Boeing 747 cargo plane that was piloted by a former Pine Island man.

The NTSB has determined the crash at Bagram Air Base in Afghanistan occurred because 5 large military vehicles in the cargo hold of the jet were inadequately restrained. That led to at least one of the vehicles moving rearward, which crippled key hydraulic systems and damaged components of the plane’s horizontal stabilizers.

The resulting crash killed all 7 crew members on the aircraft, including Pine Island High School graduate 37-year-old Jeremy Lipka.

The Investigation also determined that a contributing factor was the Federal Aviation Administration’s inadequate oversight of National Airline’s handling of special cargo loads. There was no evidence found to suggest a 747 was brought down by an explosive device or hostile act.

“The crew took on an important mission to support American forces abroad and lost their lives not to enemy fire, but to an accident,’’ said NTSB Chairman Christopher A. Hart at the outset of the Board meeting. “We cannot change what happened, but in fully investigating this accident, we hope to find ways to prevent such an accident from happening again.”

The NTSB Board is recommending the FAA create a certification process for personnel responsible for the loading, restraint, and documentation of special cargo loads on transport-category airplanes.

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