Rochester, MN (KROC AM News) - Rochester police arrested a man Sunday night a few hours after a female acquaintance had managed to escape and report a brutal case involving physical and sexual assaults and death threats.  

Captain John Sherwin describes the incident as a   “ violent “ ordeal that  began Saturday evening at a residence in the 1200 block of 7th Avenue SE. The woman says 41 year old Erik Narveson held her against her will for nearly 24 hours during which he repeatedly sexually assaulted and beat her. She says Narveson tied her up and gagged her so he could leave for awhile. She says he also tied himself to her so he could sleep.

The woman told police Narveson was drunk and threatened to kill her numerous times. She says he was also suicidal, telling her he planned to encourage police to kill him. Sherwin says the woman finally got a chance to escape around 5 p.m. Sunday when Narveson took some pills and became ill. She then ran to a nearby house and called 911.

Narveson was gone when officers arrived. He was located around 9 p.m. near Silver Lake and taken into custody. Sherwin says he will likely face multiple charges.

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