An ongoing effort to convene a Convention of States to pursue amendments to the U.S. Constitution became the focus of the discussions Tuesday during the Rochester Today show with Tom Ostrom and Andy Brownell on KROC-AM.

Recognizing the possibility the federal government might assume too much power, the nations founding fathers included language in the U.S. Constitution that creates a process that allows the states to bypass Congress and the President to ratify amendments. Article V states that amendments can be ratified by the states if the legislatures of two-thirds of the states call a convention and three-fourths of the states approve a proposed amendment.

A group known as the Convention of States Project is is actively pursuing a petition to call a convention in the near future with the main impetus being the consideration of a balanced budget amendment to force the federal government to come to grips with its continuous deficit spending and mounting debt . Ohio Governor, and the potential Republican presidential candidate John Kasich has become one of the more vocal cheerleaders for calling a convention to consider constitutional amendments.

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