Discussion about the virtues of President Harry Truman led to further discussion about political corruption during the Rochester Today show Friday morning on KROC-AM

Tom Ostrom, who joins Andy Brownell in the KROC-AM studio each Tuesday and Friday, will be presenting a lecture about President Truman on Monday as part of the LIFE - Learning is Forever program at Rochester Community and Technical College. The Truman years cover a fascinating period of US history, starting with the final months of World War II following the death of FDR. He assumed power after just three months as Vice President, and found himself facing immense moral and practical quandaries as a nation weary of war pursued the defeat of Imperial Japan and then worked to transition back to a peace time society.

Later in the show, Tom invoked Truman's principled life after a listener called to lament the apparent abundance of corruption within our government in response to a discussion about the federal indictment announced this week against New Jersey Sen. Robert Menendez. The widely held perception that everyone in Washington D.C. is for sale is producing so much cynicism that more and more Americans are disengaging from politics and the public discourse about the challenges facing the U.S.

Play the above YouTube post to hear the conversation.