It appears the Obama administration and the Iranian government are getting closer to reaching an agreement on the general outline of a deal involving Iran's nuclear program, but whether it would be a good deal for the United States is, at the very least, questionable.

Tom Ostrom and Andy Brownell tackled the issue during Friday's Rochester Today show on KROC-AM.

The Associated Press ran a story this week that said a source close to the talks provided the wire service with a draft of the outline, and the centerpiece would be a "whopping" 40-percent reduction in the hardware used by the Iranians to refine and process uranium. It's believed Iran is currently spinning about 10,000 centrifuges to boost the potency of the radioactive element with a goal of creating a stockpile of weapons-grade material. The information supplied to the Associated Press indicated the Obama administration has greatly retreated from the goal of cutting the number of centrifuges to about 1,500 and is now willing to set that number at about 6,000.

No wonder the Israelis are concerned.

If the Associated Press report is accurate, it would be hard to not find fault with the President's policies concerning Iran's nuclear ambitions. It seems we are preparing to significantly ease the economic sanctions on Iran in exchange for concessions that might slow Iran's development of a nuclear arsenal, but certainly would not prevent the Islamic Republic from getting a nuke and sparking an arms race in the Middle East.

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