Will the growing scandal over Hillary Rodham Clinton's use of a private email server cripple her presidential aspirations? Tom Ostrom and Andy Brownell tackled that topic and others Friday morning during Rochester Today on KROC-AM.

Ostrom says the news reports about email-gate (that's what we're calling it) may end up forcing Clinton to the sidelines before the 2016 presidential race its full swing, although one caller to the show pointed out that having the controversy erupts so early gives her time to recover her footing before the start of the actual nomination process.

There is also the question of whether the issue will "resonate" with the many voters who barely track current events and seem unwilling to fully explore the potential ramifications of having a top government official conduct significant portions of their business through unofficial channels.

Clinton's disregard of the laws and policies put in place to provide citizens with tools for holding their government accountable is...um, downright Clintonian.

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