Senator Ted Cruz's official announcement of his plans to seek the Republican nomination for President next year prompted a discussion of presidential politics on the Rochester Today Show with Tom Ostrom and Andy Brownell Tuesday morning on KROC-AM. 

Cruz, the junior U.S. Senator for Texas, chose Liberty University in Virginia to host his announcement speech in a transparent bid to court the vote of southern evangelical Christians. He certainly won't be the only Republican to pursue the backing of Bible Belt conservatives, but it was interesting that he decided to kick-off his campaign at the college founded by the late Jerry Falwell rather than his home state.

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker also attracted the attention of both Tom and Andy. His ability to score victories at the ballot box and in the courts despite the deployment of considerable resources by his opponents would give him the advantage of being battle tested heading into the presidential primary season. Walker has also already faced the scrutiny of the national media microscope during his heated fights with Wisconsin's public unions and he has fared pretty well despite scandals within his administration.

Tuesday's program also covered the Rochester City Council's approval of the Destination Medical Center Development Plan along with a quarter-point increase in the city sales tax to fund the city's share of the public cost of the DMC initiative, and the Republican proposal to use existing state tax revenues, state bonding, and a portion of the projected state budget surplus to provide $7 billion for road and bridge projects over the next decade.

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