Rochester city officials have thrown in the towel after years of fighting to keep crows out of the downtown area. 

Each winter crows are drawn to the downtown area to seek warmth near the large Mayo Clinic Buildings. In the past, the city has tried numerous tactics to get them to leave including lasers, bullhorns, fake owls, and even live hawks. None of which worked.

Mayor Ardell Brede said there are more important issues that the city should be focusing on. He told us the city has wasted too much time and money fighting the pesky birds over the last several years.

To mark the end of the bird-battle and to make sure city resources won't be used on it any longer, Brede used his mayoral power to declare the crow as the official bird of the city.

In the interview below, he discusses the declaration and also talks about the ways that the city has tried to keep the crows from invading the downtown area: