Rochester, MN (KROC AM News) - Two Rochester brothers pleaded guilty Thursday to felony assault for an incident that happened in January near the Meadow Park apartments complex.

The brothers - 29 year old Ukash Abdulle and 23 year old Alin Abdulle - were charged with attacking a man with bottles and sticks and then punching and kicking him when he fell to the ground. The victim told police he was also robbed of $100. The two will be sentenced in June.

Ukash Abdulle-photo from Olmsted County Sheriff's office
Alin Abdulle--photo from Olmsted County Sheriff's office


Meanwhile, an arrest warrant has been issued for a third man who is accused of taking part in the attack.  

Two felony assault charges have been filed against 27 year old Shueb Abshir Noor.  

The victim told police the January incident began after he confronted Noor about an incident that happened last summer. The victim says he was driving his car when Noor suddenly grabbed the steering wheel, causing him to crash. The victim says he was attacked shortly after telling Noor he owed him money for the damage to the car.

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