On Rochester's Good Morning Wednesday, Olmsted County Attorney Mark Ostrem brought along Sheriff's Investigator David Rikhus to talk about financial exploitation.

This most often involves a family member who has been given "power of attorney" by his or her parents or parent to handle the financial dealings of that parent.

According to Ostrem, the temptation is too great for some individuals and they go way beyond the scope of their duties and they end up using the victim's financial resources to pay personal bills, finance vacations, make purchases or debts.

David Rikhus was with the Olmsted County Sheriff's department for 29 years before retiring as an investigator five years ago.  He was asked to come back part-time to handle the growing number of cases and puts in about 14 hours a week.

Mark Ostrem comes in every month on the fourth Wednesday at 8:15am on Rochester's Good Morning with Rich Peterson and Kim David.