MINNEAPOLIS (AP) — An attorney for one of five Minnesota men facing trial for conspiring to support the Islamic State group has been removed from the case after questions surfaced about a member of his trial team. Patrick Nwaneri was one of two attorneys for Mohamed Abdihamid Farah.

U.S. District Court (Minnesota)

A member of Nwaneri's staff, Imam Hassan Mohamud, came under scrutiny after prosecutors say Mohamud told another man how to pray during jihad. Prosecutors questioned whether those alleged statements would unfairly prejudice a jury that will be considering the case of Farah and his co-defendants.

The issue generated a flurry of court filings. In advance of a Friday hearing, Nwaneri said he'd withdraw to avoid distracting from the defense. A judge granted that request. Farah's other attorney intends to remain on the case.

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