A freshly baked week ahead and we're filled to the brim with ACTION!

The sports expert will be back at 6:45, as he is most every weekday morning touting or lamenting the Twins, Vikings and then some.

Rich Peterson

Paul Richardson, Development Director with the Rochester Area Chamber of Commerce will be in at 7:45 to talk about the Southeast Minnesota Economic Forum coming up on September 29th.

There's the fall session of LIFE, Learning is ForEver, coming up and Tom Brinkman will have the details at 8:15 and at 8:40 it'll be time for Trooper Troy!  Sargeant Troy Christianson with the State Patrol taking your phone calls at 507 282-1234.

Later in the week it'll be City Council President Randy Staver, Police Chief Roger Peterson, Cory Provus, Tom Ryan, the school superintedent Michael Munoz and the Med City Movie Guy!

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