Looking forward to a marvelous Monday on Rochester's Good Morning.  The Sports Expert should be in a good mood with the Twins winning a road series for the first time this season.

Rep Nels Pierson/KROC AM

The latest news from the Rochester Area Chamber of Commerce at 7:45 and then State Representative Nels Pierson will take your calls at 8:15.  Lots to talk about with one week to go in the session.

Speaking of calls, we'll have City Forester Jeff Haberman in at 8:40.  The latest on E.A.B. and more.  Here's the number: (507) 282-1234  or email your question in to: rgm@kroc.com

You might as well get up early and listen to the whole show.  5:30 to 10 with Rich Peterson and Kim David on Newstalk 1340 KROC AM.