St. Paul, MN (KROC-AM News) - Minnesota’s seasonally adjusted unemployment rate fell a tenth of a point in December as the state’s economy saw a net gain of about 9100 jobs.

The latest jobs report from the Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development put the jobless rate for December at 3.5-percent. That is down 2-tenths of a point from December 2014 and is the lowest the rate has been since March 2001.

During 2015, Minnesota’s economy had a net gain of almost 42,500 jobs for a jobs growth rate of 1.5-percent, which remains a bit behind the national average of 1.9-percent.

Over 60-percent of the job growth occurred in the Twin Cities area, while the Rochester area saw a slight loss of jobs for the year. Despite the abundance of help-wanted signs that local businesses, the job growth rate in Rochester was a negative 3-tenths of a percent in 2015.

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