St. Paul, MN (KROC-AM News) - The number of job vacancies in Minnesota during the 2nd quarter of this year rose 15.7-percent from a year ago and the total was the highest since 2001.

A new report from the Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development shows there were over 98,000 job vacancies in the state from June through August. That works out to 1.2 unemployed people per vacancy, compared to 1.6 a year ago. The report says that ratio of unemployed people to vacancies was the 3rd lowest on record.

“The latest figures indicate a tight labor market in Minnesota, with companies looking to replace retiring baby boomers and other workers,” said DEED Commissioner Katie Clark Sieben. “As the labor market tightens, we will focus on developing the pipeline of highly educated and skilled workers to align with the needs of Minnesota’s growing companies.”

About 52-percent of the vacancies were found in the Twin Cities area, where the number of job vacancies was up 8-percent from a year ago. In Greater Minnesota, the number of job vacancies grew over 25-percent.

The report also shows 41-percent of the openings involved part-time jobs. The median wage offer for all of the job vacancies was just under $13 an hour and only 52-percent offered health insurance.

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