Rochester, MN (KROC-AM News) - The Mayo Clinic is offering incentive packages to hundreds of medical transcriptionists in an effort to trim the size of its workforce in Rochester, Arizona, and Florida. The offer is described as a voluntary separation package that requires a response from the approximately 400 affected employees by May 19th.

The following statement is from by Roshy Didehban, chair, practice administration at Mayo Clinic.

"This is part of a national trend in health care. New tools are reducing the need for transcription services. As a result, the need for medical transcriptionists to convert dictation into written reports is also declining. We've had honest, ongoing conversations with our staff about this change and are taking steps to help reduce the effect of this change on our staff, including offering individuals considering alternative career paths the option to receive a voluntary separation package. We will continue to share information with our staff as it becomes available."

In making the announcement to the affected employees, Mayo indicated the need for the work performed by the transcriptionists has been declining and the incentive packages are aimed at matching the size of the workforce with the declining amount of work. For years, voice recognition software and other new medical records technologies have been reducing the need for the transcriptionists at Mayo and other healthcare facilities.

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